Arab Lawyers' Union

Objectives and Mission: 

Act in the interests of the Arab Nation to achieve its national objectives; facilitate contacts between Arab lawyers; safeguard and develop legislative and judiciary language; assure the freedom of lawyers in their work and the independence of magistrates; allow all Arab lawyers to take cases in any Arab country; harmonize the conditions of the legal profession; establish and harmonize links with international legal organizations; restore the study of Muslim law as a basis for law; promote and protect human rights.

General description: 

Commissions (9): Arab Affairs; Palestine; Unification of Law in Arab Countries; Defence of Civil Liberties and Rule of Law in Arab Countries; Harmonization of Legal Terminology; Rules on the Legal Profession; Socialization; Support of the Palestine Liberation Movement; Defence of Palestinian Resistance Workers. Engaged in founding an Arab Organization for Human Rights. Decolonization action against racism, racial discrimination and apartheid.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Discrimination, Human rights, Racism