Arab Council For Childhood And Development

Objectives and Mission: 

To cooperate with the governments of countries in the Arab region and encourage them to adopt policies and plans aimed at achieving sustainable development, with special emphasis on the recognition of children’s rights.
To foster children’s education in the region, with a view to the rebirth of the Arab nation in the twenty-first century.
Fields of activity: Protection of children, basic education and special educational needs.

General description: 

ACCD is mainly concerned with remedying the lack of child care services and encouraging the expansion of services to guarantee the region’s children a better future. As part of efforts to rehabilitate street children, ACCD lends financial and technical support to numerous national and local initiatives, in particular the implementation of socio-educational projects, funding audiovisual productions, organizing study visits to countries outside the region facing the same situation, etc. It has taken part in two WHO conferences on street children (Geneva 1994). It is also doing much to fight the exploitation of children, cater for the special needs of disabled children and educate the mothers of disabled children. It further supports research centres for assisting children or taking account of their needs. With regard to teacher training, its programmes are designed to develop the skills, training and retraining of Arab educators. One of its programmes on family education focuses on improving interfamily communication. In order to increase the administrative capacities of some NGOs active in the area of childhood, ACCD has started up an administrative and institutional development project, resulting in a series of training courses.

Country Presence: 
South Sudan
Field of Interest: 
Children, Education, Rights of the child