Appleseeds Academy

Objectives and Mission: 

Appleseeds focuses on addressing the Digital Gap through digital access initiatives, ICT literacy trainings for the underprivileged and ensuring the integration of ICT into individual and community lives. Their programmes capitalize on the power of ICT infrastructure to leverage the social and economic benefits for society: job creation, e-governance, improved learning skills and social communication.
In the past 13 years the Academy has focused on reducing social disparities by providing accessibility to information and technology in Israel (including women, youth-at-risk, new immigrants, members of Israeli Arab communities and others). The Academy carries out its mission by creating cross-sectorial partnerships, partnering with businesses, public sector and other social organizations to create sustainable projects with long-term impact. 

General description: 

Appleseeds Academy’s fields of operation are as follows:
Technology Knowledge Centers: Establishing technological hubs, providing computer literacy training, free Internet access and technological services to disadvantaged communities in Israel. More than 20 centers established so far throughout Israel. One of 10 projects that won the 2010 Globes Award.
Technological Vocational Training: These programmes aim to increase employability, economic security, personal confidence and the overall standard of living of underserved communities. Technological training for 2500 participants each year. Target audiences in the program include women, ultra-Orthodox, new immigrants and members of the Arab and Druze communities. Some 50% of program graduates are employed within six months.
NET@ - The technological youth movement: This programme aims to promote socioeconomic mobility among disadvantaged youth in Israel’s periphery by providing them with the technological and leadership skills needed to achieve greater social, economic and educational success, and ultimately benefit their entire community. Providing opportunity for teens aged 14-18 from disadvantaged communities through an empowerment track that combines technological studies with personal and community development.
Digital Teachers Academy: Training teachers and teachers-in-training on how best to integrate technology and online tools into the educational curriculum and improve the processes of learning, teaching and evaluation. Eight thousand teachers and trainee teachers are exposed each year to teleprocessing platforms and tomorrow's thinking tools.
Young adults: Technological ambassadors to the community: dozens of volunteers ages 18-21 from the Jewish and Arab communities are qualified through technological programs and play a key role in technology studies in schools and communities. Social technological programs for vocational advancement for youth – activity with more than 1000 beneficiaries in 25 programs throughout Israel.
Africa: Under the Clinton initiative, Appleseeds Academy is supporting 50 Community Knowledge Centers (CKC) in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda and South Africa.

Country Presence: