Amar International Charitable Foundation

Objectives and Mission: 

AMAR works to recover and to sustain professional services in medicine, public health, education and basic need provision within refugee and other communities living under stress in war zones or in areas of civil disorder and disruption. Modus operandi: (i) to build professional local capacity; (ii) to test standards against relevant United Nations agencies, notably WHO, UNESCO and UNHCR; (iii) to act as United Nations partners; (iv) to teach and disseminate best practice through in-service training, external courses and conferences; (v) to develop models of work and replicate these through our own or other agencies; (vi) to spread knowledge of local needs outside the regions affected; (vii) to tailor costs to local economies; (viii) to purchase locally in order to improve the local economy; (ix) to use local staff and skills from our areas of operation to expand the work into other countries or regions; (x) to work closely with host governments; (xi) To help create a peaceful environment; (xii) to promote relevant dialogue and to be involved in dialogue implementation.

General description: 

AMAR is a British charity which has been working in Iraq, Lebanon and elsewhere in the Middle East and South Asia. Since 1991, AMAR has provided professional health and education and today delivers over one million medical consultations each year through a network of 45 health centers in Iraq and Lebanon. AMAR is able to offer thorough care at low cost through its model of primary health care services, such as the Women Health Volunteers programme, mobile health clinics, and home nurse visits which complement the core work of the Foundation’s Primary Health Care Centers (PHCCs) and Health Posts. In addition to health care, AMAR supplements primary and secondary schools with programmes in health education, democracy and human rights as well as adult programmes which include leadership training, adult literacy and vocational training courses in IT, English and business skills.