Agence Universitaire De La Francophonie

Objectives and Mission: 

AUF, a global network for the French-speaking academic community, aims to advance solidarity and cooperation between institutions of the North and South, with priority being given to the French-speaking countries of Africa, the Arab world, South-East Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and the Caribbean. Its mission is to promote higher education and research in the Frenchspeaking world, implement programmes established by summits of the Francophonie and pool the academic potential of researchers from the French-speaking world in the same discipline.
Mission :
To promote higher education and research in the French-speaking world
To implement the governmental programmes established by the French-speaking summits
To pool within a given discipline the scientific potential of researchers from the French-speaking world
To group together conferences of deans and directors of establishments
To stimulate the associative life of the establishments of higher education and research

General description: 

In 2000, the Agence universitaire redefined its priorities to favor the synergies within its programmes and facilitate their display through regions of the world having very different and specific needs.
Three thematic programs - French language, French-speaking world and linguistic diversity - Development and environment - Aspects of the State of right.
A transverse programme "Technologies of information and communication, and appropriation of knowledges", connected to the new technologies of information and communication for the education, develops actions for member establishments.
Three programmes of support - Institutional and scientific intensification of universities - Scientific and university mobility - Support for the associative networks and structures.
A programme is designed for the delegated Actions, the requests and the specific contracts connected to partnerships.
Organizes and leads the programmes of the Summit of the French-speaking world in the field of higher education and research to multilateral management.

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Equatorial Guinea
Field of Interest: 
Databases, Development, Education, Environment, Fellowships, French-speaking, Higher Education, Languages, Law, Linguistics, New technologies of information and communication, Training, University, Youth