Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization

Objectives and Mission: 

To unite broad democratic forces, irrespective of political, religious, social and geographical factors, against all forms of subjugation including intolerance and hate. To promote joint co-operation and solidarity seas to create a peaceful and prosperous life for humankind. To support national liberation movements and democratic forces struggling for the preservation and defence of world peace, national culture, sovereignty and territorial integrity, world economic security, ecology, human rights, universal justice, transparency and the free flow of information without distortion or hindrance. To work consistently to mobilize popular support for the principles of the United Nations and its agencies.
Priority issues: Solidarity with developing countries; disarmament; peace; development; human rights; ecology.

General description: 

AAPSO’s fiftieth anniversary and Conference on the future of the Non – Aligned Movement, Manila, The Philippines, 15 June 2007.

Country Presence: 
South Africa
Macao, China
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Equatorial Guinea
South Sudan
Field of Interest: 
Developing countries, Development, Human rights, Peace