African Union Of Broadcasting

Objectives and Mission: 

To further and co-ordinate all matters relating to radio and television. To support the interests of organizations working in the radio and television fields. To foster co-operation among its members and establish relations with other organizations. To take care that all members adhere to international and inter-African conventions and agreements relating to broadcasting. To co-ordinate international coverage of national and international events.
Priority issues: Media; Africa; communication.

General description: 

Establishes permanent services; sets up commissions and study groups to examine specific problems; collects documentation and publishes information relating to subjects concerned with radio and television; assists members during negotiations or, at their request, negotiates on their behalf; organizes seminars, workshops, conferences; ensures coverage of special and sporting events; promotes programme series. Past and current projects include: satellite broadcasting initiatives; rural telecommunications; Transport and Communications Decade in Africa (1978-1988). Runs Technical and Monitoring Centres in Bamako (Mali). Set up, 1978, Ouagadougou, permanent training centre - Centre de formation URTNA; 1977, Nairobi (Kenya), URTNA Programme Exchange Centre, Nairobi; launched, Jan 1991, [TV News Exchange (AFRO-VISION)] activities.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Radio, Television