Academia Europaea

Objectives and Mission: 

Promote and support excellence in European scholarship, research and education; promote development of the European identity in scholarship and research and act as a European centre for scholars; encourage interdisciplinary and international studies and research; encourage and assist collaboration among scholars in Europe; encourage cooperation among centres of scholarship in Europe and promote development of collaborative programmes among centres of scholarship for graduate education, postgraduate education and training; provide independent advice on matters of scholarly interest or concern to legislatures, governments, universities and polytechnics, and to professional, industrial and commercial organizations in Europe; encourage and assist the mobility of scholars and students in Europe. Priority issues: Education; Europe; higher education.

General description: 

Academia Europaea covers disciplines of the natural sciences and engineering, which are of direct concern to the European society. It organizes various workshops, conferences and expert meetings and also encourages research projects and other similar interdisciplinary activities with a genuine international dimension. It provides independent expert opinions and advice.

Country Presence: 
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Field of Interest: 
Education, Higher Education, Natural Sciences