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Official relations with foundations

Statutory Framework

UNESCO may establish official relations with foundations and similar non-governmental institutions that are currently collaborating or intend to closely collaborate with UNESCO. This official relationship is framed by the Directives concerning UNESCO’s relations with foundations and similar institutions.

Foundations applying for an official relationship with UNESCO should have independent financial means that enable them to conduct activities in UNESCO’s fields of competence, and meet the following criteria:

  • That they pursue goals that are in conformity with UNESCO’s ideals and with the ethical principles recognized by the international community, including those proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • That they have the will and the means to contribute to the achievement of UNESCO’s goals and programme;
  • That they are entirely non-profitmaking;
  • That they effectively carry out activities in several countries, in a spirit of international cooperation and mutual support and of respect for cultural identity;
  • That they possess suitable information facilities to make their work known;
  • That they are endowed with legal status under national law.


Article I of the Directives

In addition, foundations applying for an official relationship must be based in the territory of a Member State of UNESCO.

For details on the admission procedure please refer to this page.