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Yemen Peace Talks Newsroom

As parties to the Yemeni conflict meet in Sweden to negotiate a road map for peace, how can we ensure people in Yemen are kept informed and updated on the outcomes of these talks?


UNESCO is seeking to ensure access to local and balanced media coverage of the negotiations through the launch of the « Yemen Peace Talks newsroom », a temporary newsroom comprised of 11 journalists from different regions of Yemen reporting the information directly from the venue of the talks back to audiences in Yemen. The newsroom consisted in 5 reporters, two editors, a producer, a cameraman and two community managers.

The focus of the project is on:

Supporting independent journalism in Yemen

The overall objective of this initiative is to train, sponsor and coach Yemeni journalists from different regions to produce and disseminate impartial and balanced coverage of the negotiations, in a context marked by high levels of polarization in Yemeni media. By bringing together journalists working as freelancers or reporters from various media in Yemen, the initiative seeks to provide a platform and the necessary resources for journalists to produce ethical, professional and independent coverage of the peace negotiations.

Ensuring access to information for people in Yemen

The primary intention of this initiative is to ensure access to information for people in Yemen. Against a backdrop of partisan coverage, it is essential that Yemenis are kept informed about the developments and outcomes of these talks. Through live streaming of press briefings, interviews with representatives from the opposite delegations, activists and representations from Yemeni civil society, foreign ambassadors to Yemen and key stakeholders to the peace-building process, journalists from the newsroom are able to provide a comprehensive and impartial picture to communities back home on the Facebook page of the newsroom. In addition to social media, partnerships with local media (TV, radio, news websites, newspapers) are also created to ensure outreach to diverse audiences in Yemen.

Strengthening the role of media in peace-building processes

This initiative also seeks to reinforce the role of the media as a platform through which people can be informed about decision-making processes and negotiations which may affect the future of Yemen. The “Yemen peace talks newsroom” provides journalists with the skills, knowledge and resources to cover the peace-building process, starting with the peace talks and, on the long-term, continuing with reporting on the implementation of agreements and the concerns, aspirations of Yemenis about such negotiations.


This initiative aims to support independent journalism in Yemen and therefore supports Yemeni journalists. The project started during the first round of negotiations in the year 2018, in Sweden.


     6 December 2018         Ongoing   


Building journalists capacities

  • Training of journalists on professional, ethical journalism and humanitarian reporting;
  • Provision of equipment and resources to report on the negotiations;
  • Set up of the newsroom and delegation for the following tasks: reporters, editors, photographers, cameramen, producers and community managers.


Live coverage of the negotiations

  • Video interviews with different parties to the conflict and stakeholders involved in peace-building process;
  • Press briefing coverage;
  • Analysis, infographics, data and videos produced summarizing outcomes of the negotiations;
  • Live coverage, including Facebook live, during key events.


Dissemination of content through local media

  • Partnership with local media in Yemen (TV, radio, news websites, newspapers) to share all content (videos, interviews, analysis, infographics)
  • Interviews of newsroom’s journalists as guests on local media to provide updates, insights every day;
  • Promotion of all content produced on social media including Facebook and Twitter.


Engagement with social media users in Yemen

  • Create surveys and polls to engage social media users and compile their questions, inputs, aspirations on specific aspects of the negotiations;
  • Report directly to key decision-makers, advisers and parties to the conflict about the points raised on social media by audiences in Yemen.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Sweden's missions abroad are responsible for Sweden’s foreign, development cooperation and trade policy.

Office of the Special Envoy for Yemen

Since its establishment in 2011, the Office of the Special Envoy for Yemen has been working with relevant stakeholders in Yemen and the region to stop the violence and bring the country back to a peaceful and orderly political process. The Special Envoy is leading the UN’s efforts to build consensus towards a political agreement in order to end the fighting in the country.


Crisis Centre of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs’ Crisis Centre responds to crisis situations. It is also responsible for pre-crisis work (anticipation, preparation, monitoring, warnings) and post-crisis stabilization.

Canal France International

CFI is the cooperation agency of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development tasked with coordinating and implementing France's aid policy for the development of media in the South. It provides assistance to stakeholders, both public and private, in the media industry with the aim of strengthening the processes of modernisation and democratisation.

  • Marion Desmurger, Senior Programme Assistant, Communication and Information Sector (CI), UNESCO Cluster Office for the Gulf States and Yemen
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