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Extrabudgetary Projects on Freedom of Expression - Canal France International


Canal France International

CFI is the cooperation agency of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development tasked with coordinating and implementing France's aid policy for the development of media in the South. It provides assistance to stakeholders, both public and private, in the media industry with the aim of strengthening the processes of modernisation and democratisation.


UNESCO is leading innovative projects around the world thanks to voluntary contributions it has received from donors in support of freedom of expression.



UNESCO partnered with Canal France International (CFI) to support the media’s role in democracy, development and dialogue in five countries transitioning from or affected by conflict.





As parties to the Yemeni conflict meet in Sweden to negotiate a road map for peace, how can we ensure people in Yemen are kept informed and updated on the outcomes of these talks?




Voluntary contributions have strengthened UNESCO’s work in freedom of expression in dozens of countries around the world.