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Private Sector Partners for Culture



UNESCO renowned cultural conventions and thematic programmes on cultural interactions provide a unique global platform for international cooperation based on shared values. These international treaties and programmes endeavour to protect and safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage including ancient archaeological sites, intangible and underwater heritage, museum collections, oral traditions and other forms of heritage and shared history, and to support creativity, innovation and the emergence of dynamic cultural sectors.
Recognizing their considerable potential to contribute to the achievement of its strategic objectives, UNESCO engages with the private sector partners in many ways, from the mobilization of financial resources to providing access to technology and innovative services and products or to raising awareness. All types of business enterprises, including small and medium size firms, national, international and multinational corporations, philanthropic and corporate foundations, financial institutions and private individuals can be partners of UNESCO in working to protect, promote and foster the power of culture for development.
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The 37th session of the General Conference adopted the Comprehensive Partnership Strategy for UNESCO, which defines the overall framework for partnership and separated strategies for engagement with individual categories of partner, including international networks.