Satun UNESCO Global Geopark, Thailand

Satun UNESCO Global Geopark is known as a peaceful place of great natural beauty. Multiple cultures and groups, including Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, and smaller groups, such as the Semung or Maniq and Urak Lawoi (or Chao le in Thai language), live here together in harmony in this area. It is well known as the land of Palaeozoic fossils due to their abundance, high diversity and remarkable succession of fossil including trilobites, brachiopods, stromatolites, conodonts, graptolites, tentaculites and nautiloids. The inhabitants’ main economic activities centre on agriculture, fishery, tourism, and small local business.

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Secret Beach: A spectacular view of a ‘hidden’ beach on Ko Khao Yai Island; a sinkhole caused by collapsing limestone (Satun, Thailand)
©Satun Geopark / Niruth Tangsiri

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