Mudeungsan Area UNESCO Global Geopark, Republic of Korea

Mudeungsan Area UNESCO Global Geopark is centred around Mudeung mountain, which towers high above Gwangju city. The mountain has long occupied an important place in the spiritual world of the people of Jeollanam-do, the former Honam, who see mountaintops as altars for celestial worship. Its geoheritage ranges from large polygonal jointed tuff columns, recording at least three phases of Cretaceous volcanic activity, extensive periglacial-produced landforms, unusual microclimatic environments, dinosaur footprints and trackways, and a variety of other geological and geomorphological features.

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Gwangseokdae Colonnade: This rock formation has the widest individual pillars among all colonnades in Mt. Mudeung. (Mudeungsan, Republic of Korea)
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