Huanggang Dabieshan UNESCO Global Geopark, China

Huanggang Dabieshan UNESCO Global Geopark is located in Hubei Province, in eastern China. It demonstrates the geological evolution of the region, notably the collision between the tectonic plates of North China and the Yangtze. The oldest continental nucleus of the mountain belt, which resulted from this collision, is a combination of a garnet-biotite-gneiss and greenstone belt (Muzidian Group). These rocks were formed under high pressure and high temperatures and are more than 2.8 billion years old. The biological diversity of the region makes it one of China’s Seven Major Gene Pools.

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Danxia (conglomerate and sandstone) Landform in Jiulongshan (Huanggan Dabieshan Geopark, China)
©Administration Committee of Hubei Huanggan Dabieshan National Geopark / HU Zhengping

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