Conca de Tremp Montsec UNESCO Global Geopark, Spain

Protection inside the Earth: Some of the first humans, who lived and left their traces in the Geopark, used caves of karstic origin. (Conca de Tremp Montsec, Spain)
© Jordi Colom

Conca de Tremp Montsec UNESCO Global Geopark in north-eastern Spain, close to the borders of France and Andorra, is characterized by a set of East-West oriented mountain ranges and basins. This alignment corresponds to the various overthrust nappes making up the southern slope of the Central Pyrenees. The geological record covers the past 550 million years. The rich natural heritage of the southern slopes of the Pyrenees is internationallyrecognized as a natural laboratory for sedimentology, tectonics, external geodynamics, palaeontology, ore deposits and soil science. The area includes a very broad representation of the evolution of life on Earth and includes sites from the Permian to the Palaeogene: fossils of vertebrates, invertebrates and plants.

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