CAMPUS UNESCO: UNESCO expertise to inspire the citizens of tomorrow

UNESCO CAMPUS are conferences-debates intending to grow the understanding of major world challenges of the young people.

CAMPUS speakers

85 experts from civil society took part in CAMPUS. Here are some of them:

Yannick Noah -  Major tennis player, Roland-Garros champion in 1983 and the most successful French player with 23 titles, French singer and founding president of the association ‘Fête le Mur’, speaker at the CAMPUS ‘Sport and Citizenship’.
Frédérique Jossinet - French judoka, responsible for the women’s sector at the French Football Federation and cabinet adviser for the Minister for Sport, Youth, Popular Education and Community Life, speaker for the ‘Sport and Citizenship’ Campus.
Myriam Cottias - Director of research, former committee chair for history and memory of slavery. History of slavery, memory of Africa, outside of Africa in the diasporas, contemporary issues, speaker at the ‘History and Africa’ Campus
Sylvère Henri Cissé - Sports reports journalist for Canal+ group. For two years he has co-hosted ‘Talents d’Afrique’ on Canal+, where he serves as a commentator on sport in Africa and Africans in France. President of the ‘Sport & Démocratie’ think-tank, speaker for the ‘Sport and Citizenship’ Campus
Zahia Ziouani - Conductor of the French-Algerian orchestra, director of the Divertimento Symphony Orchestra that brings together 70 musicians from the Ile-de-France region, speaker at the ‘Female Agents of Change’ Campus.
Nikolaï Angelov - Without qualifications or luggage, Nikolaï, fleeing Bulgaria and the misery and discrimination against the Roma, arrived, aged 19, in Paris where he was homeless for three years. His will to survive and some opportune meetings allowed him to integrate and carry out community service helping the Roma in shantytowns.  Thanks to this successful experience, today he works at the Paris City Hall. Speaker at the ‘Childrens’ Rights’ Campus
Jean-Marc Mormeck - High level sportsman who has won two world boxing belts in two different federations, the WBA and WBC. A senior French official appointed in the Council of Ministers by the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister as Interministerial Delegate for Equal Opportunities for French Overseas Citizens.
Fatoumata Kebe -  Postgraduate in Astronomy at the University of Pierre-et-Marie-Curie and the Paris Observatory. Of Malian origin, this 29-year-old astronomer is a part of ‘Space Girls Space Women’, a project that highlights women in space professions. Speaker at the ‘Scientific Research Today’ and ‘Girls for Science’ Campuses.
Lambert Wilson - French actor and singer, speaker for ‘The Odyssey’ Campus to coincide with the release of the film The Odyssey. Inspired by Cousteau, Lambert Wilson partnered with UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and the Ocean & Climate Platform in order to inform about the important role of the ocean for biodiversity, the climate and our well-being.

Thione Niang - Senegalese entrepreneur and president of the NGO GIVE1 Project, one of the leaders of Barack Obama’s social media campaign. Speaker at the ‘Leadership for Africa’ Campus.

Chékéba Hachemi - First female French-Afghan diplomat, appointed 2005 in Kabul as advisor to the First Vice President, in charge of major projects and founder of the NGO Afghanistan Libre that facilitates access for girls to education. She intervened at the ‘Female agents of change’ Campus.
Dr Farah Ouechtati - Originally from Tunisia, researcher and teacher in neuroscience, she received a fellowship from the L’OREAL-UNESCO Program for Women and Science in 2014, speaker at the ‘Women and Science’ Campus.
Fabrice Arfi - Investigative journalist who has worked for the AFP and Le Figaro. Today, he works for Mediapart and is also a member of the International Consortium for Investigative Journalists.
Marielle Pic - Archaeologist, General Curator and Director of the Oriental Antiquities department at the Louvre. Speaker for the ‘Unite4Heritage’ Campus coinciding with the exhibition ‘Eternal Sites – From Bamiyan to Palmyra, journey to the heart of universal heritage’, organized by Réunion des Musées Nationaux - The Grand Palais and the Louvre in collaboration with Iconem, under the patronage of UNESCO.