ASHRI-ll: Advanced Survey on Hydrogeological Resources in Iraq

“Acquiring a full understanding of the water shortage in Iraq is the first step towards effectively addressing its deep social and economic impacts”


ASHRI-ll is built upon a first UNESCO project in Iraq which developed knowledge on the hydrogeology of Iraq. Hydrogeology is the branch of geology concerned with water occurring underground or on the surface of the earth.

Groundwater resources are increasingly being recognized as important to meet the demand for water in rural and urban areas, and consequently as vital to the socioeconomic conditions of a country. Suffering from a water crisis, ASHRI supports Iraq in finding a sustainable solution to tap into deep water resources. The second phase of the project is therefore an advanced survey of the hydrogeological resources in Iraq which develops the capacities for sustainable management of national groundwater resources.

“The workshops organized by UNESCO have helped the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to develop a modern and scientific foundation on how to utilize and manage existing water resources in the region, using modern technology.”

-Sarmad Hanna, Senior Geologist at the Ministry of Agriculture and Water of the Kurdistan Regional Government

“Iraq is currently suffering from a decrease in surface water supplies where urban and rural populations lack access to surface water. ASHRI has helped to provide us with the knowledge on how to tap into deep water resources to offer a sustainable and long lasting solution to Iraq’s water crisis.”

Dr. Ahmad Nadhim, Chief Senior Hydrogeologist State Commission of Groundwater of the Ministry of Water Resources in Baghdad



2013 - 2016



The Advanced Survey of Hydrogeological Resources in Iraq contributes to SDG 6 Clean water and sanitation, by improving government capacities in the management of Iraq's deep groundwater resources in order to address water shortages, and to support sustainable approaches to agriculture.



This project is financed by the European Union's Directorate-General for International Development and Cooperation (DG DEVCO).


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