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Şerife Özata

 23.6.16 Şerife Özata: World Heritage protection would not be complete without youth



Shin tani

 6.6.16 Shin Tani: Understanding the oceans is much more than an academic exercise



Alphadi, Paris, 18.05.2016
© Leonardo Džoni-Šopov

 22.5.16 Alphadi: culture is a lever for development



Sebsebe Demissew

 21.5.16 Sebsebe Demisse: the Abrahamic Botanic Garden is a symbol of mutual respect



Patrick Taran

1.5.16 Migration: Patrick Taran advocates for a welcoming culture



Pascall Taruvinga

1.5.16 Pascall Taruvinga: Heritage is a driver for socio-economic development in Africa



Ljiljana Zurovac

 30.4.16 Ljiljana Zurovac: in the media, half-truths are more dangerous than untruths



Malek Bensmail

 29.4.16 Malek Bensmail : Filming real life may disturb, but it helps us to grow (in French)



Iris Bohnet at UNESCO, 20 April 2016
© UNESCO/P. Chiang-Joo

 18.4.16 Iris Bohnet: Gender equality must rest on a moral argument



Emmanuel Pierrat
© David Nivière

 18.4.16 Emmanuel Pierrat: Copyright, a work in progress (in French)



Marcel Kabanda à l'UNESCO, 2016

 7.4.16 Marcel Kabanda: Remember Rwanda  (in French)



Samuel Andrew Hardy

 29.3.16 Samuel Andrew Hardy: archaeomafias traffic antiquities as well as drugs



Uta Wehn

 21.3.16 Uta Wehn: No water – no jobs!



François Taddéi
© Ashoka

 7.3.16 François Taddéi: we have more computing power in our pockets than NASA had for the moon landing



Zeinab Badawi
© Andrew Aitchison

 4.3.16 Zeinab Badawi: I see my hyphenated identity as an advantage



Mical Dréhi

 20.2.16 Mical Dréhi: Each language is an essential brick in the building of a better world (in French)



Elikia M'Bokolo et Ali Moussa Iyé, dans le studio de l'UNESCO, février 2016.

 19.2.16 - Elikia M'Bokolo and Ali Moussa Iye: African history in not an appendix to World history (in French)



 15.2.16 -  A. Paré-Kaboré et S. P. Tibiri: Mother tongue plays a key role at school (in French)



 8.2.16 - Caroline Vuillemin: Radio as a platform for dialogue



 5.2.16 - Jim Boumelha: our task is to build the widest coalition for safety of journalists



 4.2.16 -  S.M. Razaullah Ansari: La méthode scientifique d'Ibn al-Haytham



Eduardo Bertoni

 1.2.16 - Eduardo Bertoni : Prévenir et punir la violence contre les journalistes



 27.1.16 -  Alfonso Herrera Franyutti - le docteur et le héros (en espagnol)



Rabbi Andrew Baker

 25.1.16 - Rabbi Andrew Baker : Prévenir l'antisémitisme (en anglais)