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Partners and Support


  • The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) is the global organisation of the world’s press, representing more than 18,000 publications, 15,000 online sites and over 3,000 companies in more than 120 countries.
    The mission of the organisation is simple: “To be the indispensable partner of newspapers and the entire news publishing industry worldwide, particularly our members, in the defence and promotion of press freedom, quality journalism and editorial integrity and the development of prosperous businesses and technology.”
  • The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is the world's largest organisation of journalists. First established in 1926, it was relaunched in 1946 and again, in its present form, in 1952. Today the Federation represents around 600,000 members in 139 countries. The IFJ promotes international action to defend press freedom and social justice through strong, free and independent trade unions of journalists.
  • The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is the world’s leading alliance of public service media (PSM). The European Broadcasting Union is devoted to making public service media indispensable. EBU support and strengthen public service media, provide first-class media services and offer its Members a centre for learning and sharing.
  • The International Press Institute (IPI)  is a global network of editors, media executives and leading journalists. They are dedicated to the furtherance and safeguarding of press freedom, the protection of freedom of opinion and expression, the promotion of the free flow of news and information, and the improvement of the practices of journalism.
  • Founded in 1990 by a group of prominent U.S. women journalists, the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) is a Washington-based organization that is dedicated to strengthening the role of women journalists worldwide. The IWMF’s programs empower women journalists with the training, support and network to become leaders in the news industry.
  • The World Association of Community Broadcasters (AMARC)  is an international non-governmental organization serving the community radio movement, with almost 4 000 members and associates in 150 countries. Its goal is to support and contribute to the development of community and participatory radio along with the principals of solidarity and international cooperation.



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