UNESCO: 70 Years of Ideas in Action



Agnès Borde Meyer

17 November 2015 Agnès Borde Meyer: UNESCO in the Field of Iranian and Afghan Archeology


Elikia M'Bokolo
© DR

16 November 2015  Elikia M'Bokolo: UNESCO against historical amnesia (in French)


Jens Boel

16 November 2015 Jens Boel: Fundamental Education, A Pioneer Concept


Céline Giton
© Jean-Paul Dekiss

16 November 2015 Céline Giton: UNESCO's World Book Policy and its Impacts


Aigul Kulnazarova

16 November 2015 Aigul Kulnazarova: Historical Reconciliation and Education in Japan


Poul Duedahl
© Danish Council for Independent Research

26 October 2015 Poul Duedahl: Is UNESCO Changing the World?