Our Common Future Under Climate Change

Main UNESCO events

Each day of the International Scientific Conference “Our Common Future Under Climate Change” focuses on a theme. The conference is organized under the umbrella of ICSU, Future Earth, UNESCO and major French research institutions, with the support of the French Government.
UNESCO is particularly invested in the events listed below.

7 July: State of Knowledge on Climate Change

Bringing together the latest knowledge from both natural and social sciences, this day addresses the cross-cutting issues related to observed changes in the climate system, including extreme events.

  • Opening Plenary Session
    09:00 - 10:30, Room I
  • Climate change education for sustainable development (parallel session 1123)
    16:30 - 18:00, Room I
    Panelist will make concrete proposals to increase contextual relevance of science education to the needs and interests of learners (especially young people) and to enhance the role of education in addressing sustainable development, with a special focus on climate change education. The presentations will be followed by an interactive discussion on the respective responsibilities of scientists, science educators and environmental educators to advance climate change education.
    Abstracts (pdf)
  • Climate change and freshwater – 1: State of knowledge (parallel session 2212 (a))
    16:30 - 18:00, UNESCO Miollis - Room XVI
    Abstracts (pdf)

8 July: Landscapes of Our Common Future
Looking at future scenarios in the context of climate change, this day explores possible impacts across and between systems and sectors both in the medium (2030-2050) and long term (2070 and beyond).

  • Panel discussion: Linking Climate and Development Goals
    12:10 - 13:00, Room XI
    This panel is part of the large parallel session on Drivers of Change and Visions of Development (L2.1).
    Abstracts (pdf)
  • Observing the changing ocean climate (Parallel Session 1110)
    16:30 - 18:00, UNESCO Miollis - Room XIV
    Abstracts (pdf)
  • Transformative pathways to sustain marine ecosystems and their services under climate change (Parallel Session 2209)
    16:30 - 18:00, Room VI
    Abstracts (pdf)
  • Climate change and freshwater – 2: Shaping the Future (Parallel Session 2212 (b))
    17:30 - 19:00, UPMC Jussieu - Amphi Astier Parallel Session
    Abstracts (pdf)


9 July: Responding to Climate Change Challenges

This day addresses mitigation and adaptation options, highlighting scientific and technological breakthroughs and discussing barriers, trade-offs, co-benefits, risks and feedbacks. It explores local and regional responses, as well as pathways for integration across sectors and stakeholders, emphasizing the need for bottom-up approaches.


10 July: Collective Action and Transformative Solutions
This final day of the conference explores transformative solutions to climate change from a cross-sectoral perspective in order to reach integrated solutions. These encompass technological, institutional, economic and behavioral changes.

  • Dialogue Session on Finance
    14h00  - 15h30, European Space Agency headquarters
  • Closing plenary
    16h00 – 18h00, Room I
    Highlights, conclusions and final statement