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Young reporters of Criança Esperança Connection

Young reporters visit projects sponsored by Criança Esperança and register photos, videos and texts of the stories of people benefited by them.

Two young reporters will travel through Brazil for a month to register stories of people benefited by the projects sponsored by Criança Esperança.

With the experience acquired by working at PapaGoiaba Agency (Brazil), they wanted to have a close look at the transformation impact in the lives of children and adolescents of Brazil provided by the efforts of NGOs and institutions. 

The result of this adventure will be gradually published on the Criança Esperança website (in Portuguese), within a project that received the name chosen by the young reporters – Criança Esperança Connection (Conexão Criança Esperança).

Learn more about the project Conexão Criança Esperança (in Portuguese)

Source: GloboTV/Criança Esperança Programme.