World Heritage Journeys of Europe

Brussels, Belgium
11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities

World Heritage Journeys of Europe

Go deeper into European culture and history and get inspired for your next trip through UNESCO’s World Heritage sites in the European Union.

Together with National Geographic and co-funded by the European Union, the World Heritage Journeys of Europe let you discover the most stunning, mysterious, and beautiful heritage sites in Europe. From the 350 World Heritage Sites across the European Union, we handpicked 34 for you to explore in-depth. Immerse yourself in the places that embody Europe’s ancient history, let yourself flow through romantic moments and legends from the European past, feel like a true royal and visit castles, gardens, and palaces of Europe’s heritage, or go even deeper and find out what life and culture awaits you in the hidden underground depths of Europe.

By working with the managers of these sites, we give you special access to some of the hidden gems and local secrets of these amazing destinations. But not only that: Our goal is to change how people travel. Staying longer in destinations, experiencing the local culture, and gaining a deeper knowledge and appreciation of World Heritage values. Widely publicised in metro stations in Brussels, the website is the unique entry point to discover Europe from a different site.

We encourage you to travel differently, and travel deeper. Start exploring now!