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Workshop in Zambia teaches teachers to teach Education for Sustainable Development

The international workshop “Re-Orienting Teacher Education for Sustainability (ESD): Development of a Guide for Effective Teaching and Learning in Teacher Training Institutions” co-organized by UNESCO Section for Teacher Development and Education Policies and the Copperbelt University, and hosted in Lusaka by the Zambian National Commission for UNESCO, was successfully concluded on 19 July 2013.

The four days’ workshop, officially opened by the Deputy Honourable Minister of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education, brought together teacher educators and academics from 3 UNESCO regions and twenty two countries.

The workshop drafted the structure of the Guide, decided on the thematic chapters and defined guidelines for the chapter as well as the criteria for identifying the authors.

The Guide will focus on key issues in teacher education, particularly emerging issues of quality and relevance with regards to ESD, understood to be a framework for holistic and harmonized approach to addressing quality and relevance in education.

Participants of the workshop identified as priority the following thematic areas: teaching and learning for sustainability in a changing world context; conceptual clarifications and terminologies, philosophies, theories and principals underlying ESD in teacher education; knowing and understanding the student teacher, the teacher and teacher educator and the context; the teacher education curriculum/programme; cross-cutting issues in teacher education curriculum; teaching and learning methodologies, approaches and techniques; assessment for ESD learning and outcomes.

A timeframe was adopted and under the guidance of UNESCO Section for Teacher Development and Education Policies, in collaboration with Section for Education for Sustainable Development and in close cooperation with the Network of Teacher Education Institutions coordinated by the ESD team in the Copperbelt University in Zambia, the zero draft of the Guide is expected in December 2013 and the finalised version in March 2014.