Workshop on Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals Related To the Water Harvesting

18 March 2018


©UNESCO: Workshop on the Role of Stakeholders in Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals Related To the Water Harvesting, Khartoum, 27/02/2018. Group photo.

On the 27-28 February 2018, the UNESCO Khartoum Office and Regional Center for Water Harvesting (RCWH) conducted a workshop on the Role of Stakeholders in Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals Related to the Water Harvesting in Grand Holiday Villa Hotel, Khartoum. With more than 60 participants, the workshop aimed to promote 2030 Development Agenda in the area of Water Harvesting, share knowledge and enhance appropriate networks.


The workshop was honoured by H.E. Mr. Mutaz Musa, the Minister of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity (MoWR), H.E. Dr. Pavel Kroupkine, the Representative of UNESCO to Sudan, H.E. Mr. Sjoerd Smit, the Deputy Head of Mission in the Embassy of Netherlands in Khartoum, H.E. Prof. Abdin Salih, the Member of the Executive Board of UNESCO, and distinguished key professionals in the Sudanese Water Sector and representatives of many International organizations such as EU, JICA, UNDP, UNICEF, IOM and UNESCO’s family and networks.     



The second session consisted of presentations by representatives from International organizations, including UNDP, UNICEF, JICA, UNESCO Khartoum Office, IOM and WRC.


Next day, the third sessions included presentations of the RCWH, UNESCO Chair for Water Resources, Hydraulic Research Centre, and UNESCO Chair for Women in Sciences and Technology. The fourth session gave a floor to presentations of the Sudanese National Commission for Education, Science and Culture, Youth Parliament for Water, and National Company for Drilling and Investment.


The workshop ended by the discussion session. The participants agreed to further strengthening the cooperation in view of the Sudanese part of the 2030 Development Agenda.


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