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Workshop for the development of an OER-based course on the ICT Competency Framework in Kenya

The Quality Assurance Workshop for the ICT Competency Framework (ICT CFT) Harnessing OER project in Kenya was held on 22 to 24 July in Nairobi, Kenya. This Workshop aimed to finalize the course materials for the OER-based teacher training materials to support the effective use of ICTs for education.

This Workshop was a direct follow up to Implementation Strategy developed during the National Stakeholders’ Consultation held in the framework of this project, in June 2013. It also follows a series of preliminary workshops held in the Spring of 2014 which aimed develop a curriculum map, and brought together representatives of national stakeholder institutions responsible and/or active in teacher training in Kenya, namely,  The International University of Professional Studies (formerly Inoorero University), Kenya Education Management Institute; Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, Kenya Institute of Special Education (KISE), Kenya Ministry of Education, Kenya National Commission (KNATCOM), Kenya Technical Teachers College, National ICT Innovation and Integration Centre, CEMESTEA, Strathmore University,  and the Teachers Service Commission – Kenya

The Workshop focused on the review and finalization of the course. The majority of the 15 units of the Kenyan ICT CFT (KICT CFT) course were finalized during the meeting and prepared for final editing before release on 18 August 2014 for the pilot training session for facilitators.   The course materials are being developed on an open source learning management system(Moodle) and during the Workshop, this course was enabled to be available on mobile devices. It was also decided that all Word documents would be converted to ePub to facilitate its accessibility to persons with disabilities.  

The training courses will be launched with two face-to-face training sessions of course facilitators in late August 2014 to prepare for their piloting in 2 sessions of the online course for teacher trainers to be held over a period of 12 weeks from in September 2014 to November 2014.

This activity is part of UNESCO’s continued efforts of promoting the application of ICTs to enhance the quality of and access to education, including the stimulation of production, sharing and access to open educational resources (OERs).  After the adoption of the Paris OER Declaration in 2012 UNESCO, this activity is being implemented with the financial support of the Hewlett Foundation, in 3 countries (Indonesia, Kenya, Oman).