Workshop brings together Iraqi specialists to develop new mathematics and science curricula


16 November 2015

UNESCO continued in its efforts to contribute to the modernization of curricula in Iraq by holding a five day workshop aimed at developing first drafts of the mathematics and science instructional material for grades 5 and 6.

The workshop, held from 18 to 22 October in Amman, aimed at providing some 30 Iraqi curriculum specialists from the Ministries of Education in Baghdad and Erbil with better skills to prepare new drafts of instructional materials for grades 5 and 6.

Participants were split into four working groups each tackling a subject area. Working in a concrete, hands-on approach, the participants prepared drafts of the first few units of the mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology textbooks.

The units were reviewed by UNESCO experts and returned to the participants to guide them in preparing the remaining units, which will be handed back to the experts for editing and completion.

The workshop was held in the framework of the project ‘Developing New Iraqi Curricula’ funded by Education Above All, a global initiative by sheikh Mozah Bint Nasser of Qatar, UNESCO special envoy for basic and higher education.

In addition to the main workshop, a one day meeting was dedicated to the ‘Development of a National Framework for Assessments and Exams’, with the attendance of 10 officials from the Ministries of Education and Higher Education and Scientific Research in Baghdad and Erbil.  Participants discussed the current structure of examinations and assessments in terms of student and teacher evaluation as a first step towards developing a new national framework for examinations.