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Working meeting between the Director-General and Members of the Bureau of Western European and North American States of UNESCO

11 January 2018



On 10 January 2018, UNESCO Director-General, Audrey Azoulay, met with a delegation from the Western European and North American States Group (Group I) chaired by Matthew Lodge, Permanent Delegate of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to UNESCO.

The Director-General reiterated her commitment to strengthening the management, effeciency and transparency of UNESCO, along with her intention to present concrete measures in this regard at the next session of the Executive Board. Referring to the political challenges facing the Organization, she expressed the need to return to dialogue and build consensus among Member States.

The Chairperson of Group I underscored the need to focus UNESCO's programmes and activities in areas where the Organization has added-value within the UN system and to integrate the reform of the Organization into the broader framework of the reform of the United Nations initiated by the UN Secretary-General.

Ms Azoulay and Mr Lodge agreed also on the importance of mobilizing the Organization's rich network of partners in the implementation of its mandate, including UNESCO’s National Commissions.