What does a happy school look like to you? – Enter UNESCO’s video competition

23 June 2017


© UNESCO Bangkok

In light of today’s competitive, stress-fuelled and test-focused education systems, the "Happy Schools Project" aims to offer an alternative notion of the quality of education that values and nurtures learners’ diverse talents and strengths. UNESCO Bangkok has launched a Video Contest to see what Happy Schools in action look like throughout the Asia-Pacific region. This video contest seeks to capture actions, moments and ideas that showcase and promote happiness in schools and learner well-being.

All residents of the Asia-Pacific region are invited to submit video(s), along with a brief caption/description, that captures the concept of Happy Schools. Each video may be up to three minutes in length. The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2017.

For more detailed information on the campaign, please see the information PDF and announcement image.
For more information about the Project, you can also visit UNESCO Bangkok’s website and read the 2016 publication Happy Schools: A Framework for Learner Well-Being in Asia-Pacific.

You can enter the contest through UNESCO Bangkok’s website: http://bangkok.unesco.org/content/happy-schools-video-contest