Webinar - How to conduct a “Master Class against Racism and Discriminations”


A Webinar on UNESCO’s “Master Class Series against Racism and Discriminations” was held at the initiative of the United Nations Department of Global Communications (UN-DGC), and attended by teams from the United Nations Information Department (UNICs) and Resident Coordinators Offices (RCO), on 20 February 2020.

Launched by UNESCO in November 2019 as a global “training for trainers” initiative, the Master Class aims to empower students to become youth ambassadors in their own schools and communities, and spread awareness on how to deconstruct the mechanisms underlying racism and discriminations.  

Highlighting the growing significance of this social scourge, the Master Class also seeks to inspire policymakers, at the global, national, and local levels, to pursue collective efforts in the fight against racism and discriminations. Each edition culminates with the adoption of the young participants’ commitments in designing and pursuing their own local activities.

Entitled “Designing capacity-building initiatives through multi-stakeholder partnerships: the UNESCO Master Class Series experience”, the Webinar

  • provided a detailed overview of the Master Class;
  • taught its participants how to create their own editions based on local contexts;
  • provided guidelines on how to prepare a student guide with practical exercises to accompany a Master Class;
  • suggested themes that could be addressed; and
  • featured available resources and networks that can be used by UNICs and RCOs on the ground.

There are currently 63 UNICs around the world working closely with other UN teams and a wide range of partners to highlight the impact of UN activities in all regions.

Starting 2020, several Master Class editions will be rolled out in various cities, with support of UNESCO’s International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities – ICCAR and Associated Schools Network.

The Webinar was conducted by Linda Tinio-Le Douarin, UNESCO-ICCAR Coordinator, with participation of speakers from the UN Department of Global Communications including Christopher Woodthorpe, Information Centers Service; Brenden Varma, Remember Slavery Programme; Tracey Petersen, Holocaust and the UN Outreach Programme; and Julia Hagl, Human Rights.

For more information on the Master Class, please contact: shs.inclusion-rights@unesco.org