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A vital attempt towards Development, Awareness, and Promotion of Free and Open Source in Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan, December 12, 2013 | UNESCO Kabul assisted a seven day training workshop for around 10 selected journalists on use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), specifically covering website and blog development with social media and knowledge sharing through Free and Open Source Soft wares.

The training was held at Cresco Solutions where all the trainees were familiarized on starting their own blogs and website development. Further-more trainees were facilitated with web hosting accounts for their practical work that will enable them to create their own independent websites.

To help promote universal access to knowledge and information, UNESCO focuses on capacity building and use of Free and Open Source Platforms in order to raise awareness and disseminate information through the use of ICTs and social media anywhere in the world.

The idea on familiarizing journalists with Free and Open Source has been arias from the face that most of the journalists around the country remain silent and limited of sharing their knowledge and expertise, due to the lack of knowledge on the use of FOSS and ICTs. The training has been a platform to use ICTs for knowledge sharing and information dissemination.  

Training on the Word Press an Open Source content management system was a vital attempt to enrich potential and capacity of the media practitioners, which was carried out in a very convincing and productive way enabling the trainees gain technical expertise of using a standard web development tool.

The training was conducted followed by the recommendations made during the first Regional Free and Open Source Conference organized by UNESCO Kabul in 2011.