Virtual training for the Toolkit of Urban Inclusion in Arab Cities


(August 30th - September 2nd) 

UNESCO Regional Bureau for Sciences in the Arab States (UNESCO Cairo Office) organized a virtual training on the Toolkit of Urban Inclusion in Arab Cities, which was launched in February 2020 in collaboration with the European Center for Human rights and Democracy located in Graz, Austria (ETC-Graz), and with the participation of 14 cities from the Arab Cities’ Coalition against Racism, Discrimination, Xenophobia and Intolerance.

The regional training workshop aimed to educate officials and workers in local authorities about the steps and practical guidelines provided in the toolkit for the design and implementation of inclusive local policies, and to enhance the participation of cities with their practical experiences and expertise, and to strengthen cooperation among Arab cities in the following four areas: public participation, access to information, sports and education on citizenship and human rights. Discussions were held on the different stages of the policy-making cycle (planning - implementation - evaluation) for each of the aforementioned four areas, with the participation of real experiences from cities. This workshop was held over 4 days from August 30 to September 2, 2021 for 3 hours per day. The workshop was attended by representatives of 8 Arab countries along with representatives from the Coalition of Arab Cities who were invited by UNESCO Cairo to share their experiences in the development and production of the toolkit.


To watch the training’s recordings:

 تدريب: دليل المدن العربية للإدماج الحضري 30 أغسطس-2 سبتمبر (



We are also happy to share the Toolkit again (available in Arabic, English and French): The Toolkit for Urban inclusion in Arab Cities: Promoting Urban Inclusion through Public Participation, Access to Information, Sports and Education on Citizenship and Human Rights:


For more information:

Kindly contact Ms. Heba Shama h.shama(a)

Program Associate for Social and Human Sciences