Using the performing arts to bring science to the young and the young to science


The PERFORM project mobilizing street arts, clowns, and stand-up comedy to foster young peoples’ interest for and engagement in science and mathematics will present its activities during a conference at UNESCO’s Headquarters from 14 to 15 June.

The conference, which will bring together researchers, teachers, artists, scientists, and students, will be an opportunity to present PERFORM's achievements through performances, roundtables, and workshops.

Launched in 2015 with UNESCO as one of its main partners, PERFORM project uses innovative approaches to improve young people’s view science, technology, engineering and mathematics and encouraging them to pursue careers in these disciplines. Funded by the European Commission for a period of three years, PERFORM has been implemented in three pilot countries: France Spain, and the United Kingdom where it has benefited a total of 3,000 students from around 30 institutions.

UNESCO hopes to relay the PERFORM experience to its Member States with a view to encouraging them to develop similar science education and communication programmes in their own countries.


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