UNESCO’s Policy Symposium-Mobile Art for Peace in Jakarta, 12 December 2019

, Indonesia
10 - Reduced Inequalities

UNESCO’s Social and Human Sciences and Culture Units joined forces with the Mobile Art for Peace (MAP) to deliver a capacity-building workshop designed to help national stakeholders to explore the role of youth and arts in countering and preventing violent extremism (PVE). The symposium shed the light on the best practices in addressing the challenges of violent and extremist ideologies and movements in the marginalized communities in Indonesia. Representatives from UN agencies, art foundations, and NGOs that work on PVE took an active part in the symposium.

The workshop featured sessions delivered by the leading experts on PVE, including the representatives from Search from Common Ground Indonesia, UNESCO Youth and Sport Task Force, HARMONI, MAP team, and Ganara Art.

The workshop led to a shared understanding of the need to enhance social inclusion through listening to people’s perspectives and building and strengthening positive networks that bring together youth, CSOs, and policymakers in Indonesia. This workshop contributes to SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities) and SDG 16 (Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions).

For more information, please contact the Social and Human Sciences Unit of UNESCO Jakarta through Ms Clarissa Tanurahardja (