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UNESCO-UNEVOC Virtual Conference on ‘greening’ of technical vocation education and training

A Virtual Conference will take place on ways of ‘greening’ Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) from November 2 to 13 on the UNESCO-UNEVOC e-Forum.

In the context of the recent adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, and the upcoming COP21, the conference will consider how these global frameworks and agreements challenge TVET to expand quality skills provisions and ensure skills relevance not only for the world of work, but also to support lifelong learning, inclusion and low-carbon transitions of economies and societies. 

Topics discussed will include:

  • The Role of TVET in the transition to low-carbon economies and in a changing climate;
  • Greening TVET institutions to maximize their contribution to sustainable societies; and
  • TVET and vulnerable groups/Member States in the context of climate change.

The conference is the most recent edition of a series which started in 2011. Virtual Conferences are organised on the UNEVOC e-forum which provides an opportunity for the over-4000 e-forum members, mostly consisting of TVET practitioners, teachers, policy-makers and other TVET stakeholders, to share experiences and reflect on certain topics and questions.