UNESCO supports Moroccan Parliament and Civil Society for the adoption of the new freedom of information law

Within the framework of UNESCO’s action to promote freedom of information in Morocco, the UNESCO’s Office in Rabat, in partnership with the World Bank, is organizing a training workshop for the members of the Moroccan Parliament and the Network of civil society groups for Access to Information (REMDI) in order to support and prepare them for the adoption of the new Access to Information law in Morocco.

The training session will be held in Rabat on 8 and 9 March 2013 with the assistance of two leading international experts on freedom of information.

Ms Helen Darbishire, the Director of Access Info Europe and author of an essay about “Proactive transparency: the future of the right to information?” and Mr Yahia Shukkeir, a Jordanian journalist who initiated the Freedom of Information Law in Jordan and the author of various essays about Medias and Press Freedom in the Arab World, will introduce together international standards and best practices of freedom of information worldwide, as well as practical techniques and methods of advocacy and awareness-raising to promote widely freedom of information in Morocco.

In 2011, Morocco made an important step forward in favor of freedom of information with its mention in the Constitution voted by referendum in November (Title II Article 27). It is therefore now of a central importance for UNESCO to support Moroccan Parliament and civil society organizations in their advocacy efforts to shape the law according to the international standards and work further on raising general public awareness about its key role in building democratic, transparent and accountable governance.

This training workshop is part of a continuing process that includes the publication by UNESCO in 2011 of a study entitled Vers un droit d’accès à l’information publique au Maroc (Towards freedom of information in Morocco), as well as several initiatives implemented together with the World Bank, Transparency Maroc and REMDI, among other partners. Advocacy, sensitization and capacity building activities are forecasted in a medium term strategy to promote further the effectiveness of the right to access information in Morocco.


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