UNESCO supports launch of first community radio in Morocco

One month after the celebration of World Radio Day, UNESCO’s Office in Rabat supported the launch of the first Moroccan online community radio, E-joussour, dedicated to the civil society groups in Morocco. The word “joussour” means “bridge” in Arabic. The online E-joussour radio is a the very first associative radio in Morocco that offers a platforme freely accessible for the participation of all citizens in programming and broadcasting via Internet.

The E-joussour radio, which broadcasts in Amazigh, Arabic and French, aims at bridging the gap between those who have access to broadcast media and those who do not have it, and at strenghtening capacities of the Moroccan civil society to make its voice heard.

The Moroccan audio-visual law does not permit associative radios to broadcast over the airwaves. Internet is, therefore, the only free media in Morocco that allows overcoming this restriction and giving visibility to associative activities and to the principles they defend. Pending a review of the current regulation, the E-joussour radio will serve as a spokesperson for citizens and the civil society, as well as an advocacy tool for the defense of freedom of expression and information in Morocco.

The online radio is managed by a permanent team of volonteers composed of representatives of Moroccon associations and professional journalists. Its code of ethics is based on the principle of voluntary contributions by associations but the practices of information verification and gathering are those of professional jouranlists, which ensures the accuracy of information. 

The E-joussour radio is a project of the Forum des Alternatives Maroc (FMAS), initiated in the framework of the project, “Community media: For  citizen information”. The project, aimed at the legal recognition of associative radios in Morocco, is supported by the European Union, International Media Support, the World Association of community Radio Broadcasters and UNESCO’s International Programme for the Development of Communication.