UNESCO supports the 16 Days of Gender Activism campaign



The UNESCO Office in Afghanistan was proud to join the “16 Days of Gender Activism" campaign recently organized by UN WOMEN from 25 November to 10 December 2015. The Office conducted a number of activities aimed at increasing awareness of the negative impacts of gender-based violence for individuals, families, and society at large, and advocating for continued attention and effort towards realizing women’s empowerment.

In close collaboration with the Ministries of Education, Interior and Women Affairs, UNESCO undertook the following activities: 

(1)  Two television spots, in Dari and Pashto, were produced and broadcast by Educational Radio Television (ERTV). The spots highlighted the value of literacy for women’s empowerment.        

(2)  In addition, two radio spots were prepared which emphasized the importance of support from men in Afghanistan in ending violence experienced by their countrywomen. These were also broadcast nationwide in both Dari and Pashto, via 68 local radio stations.        

(3)  A one day gender awareness workshop was conducted to highlight the linkage with education, literacy and women’s rights. The workshop discussed strategies for increasing the support of stakeholders to empower women through literacy.            

(4)  During the campaign UNESCO Facebook was updated regularly during the 16 Days of Gender Activism to share messages of support for women’s empowerment and an end to gendered violence.           

(5)  A range of promotional materials, including orange ribbons, posters, pens, note pads, and scarves carrying messages for women’s empowerment, were produced and disseminated across all 34 provinces of Afghanistan to allow citizens to express their support for women’s empowerment and an end to gender-based violence.    

The Gender Working Group at UNESCO Office in Afghanistan lead the Office’s participation in the 16 Days Gender Campaign 2015 and is committed to efforts to empower women in Afghanistan and end all forms of gender-based violence.