UNESCO in Sudanese Morning TV Show on 4/12/2016


©UNESCO: The UNESCO Khartoum’s Programme officer Dr. Aiman Badri in Khartoum International Chanel TV Show

11 January 2017


On the 4th of December 2016, Dr. Aiman Badri, the Education Specialist in the Khartoum office of UNESCO, participated in the Morning TV Show with the Khartoum International Chanel TV. In frameworks of 60th anniversary of Sudan being with UNESCO, he spoke about UNESCO in general, and UNESCO-in-Sudan in particular, presenting the Sudanese UNESCO family: the National Commission for Education, Science and Culture, eight UNESCO Chairs, and Regional Center for Water Harvesting. He also paid tribute to other national partners of UNESCO, who honored the celebration of the day of full membership of Sudan in UNESCO (26th November 1956), which took place in the National Museum on 27th of November 2016. Dr. Aiman also presented to the public main UNESCO plus Sudan achievements, and current joint development projects.