UNESCO’s Presentation at the 1st Environmental Conference in Khartoum

15 March 2016

On 14th of March 2016, the Head of the Khartoum office of UNESCO Dr. Pavel Kroupkine in the 1st Environmental Conference in Khartoum made the presentation “UNESCO and Environment in Sudan”. The Conference was organized by the Higher Council of Environment, Urban and Rural Promotion in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Physical Development. The Conference took place in the Coral Hotel, Khartoum, on 12-15 of March 2016.

In his presentation, Dr. Pavel Kroupkine overviewed UNESCO’s mission and main areas of activities, and described the main strategic outlines for UNESCO’s activities in Sudan linked to Environment and Natural Resource Management issues. These outlines are:

  • Improving Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) in Sudan (Contributing to SDG 6)
  • Improving Nature Conservation in Sudan (Contributing to SDGs 13, 14, 15)

Dr. Pavel Kroupkine described also the foundation of the presented strategy: he pointed on existing country’s gaps, overviewed recent UNESCO’s achievements, and listed its continuing and committed activities.