Building peace in the minds of men and women

UNESCO publishes the second edition of Women and Media in the Maghreb newsletter


Within the framework of UNESCO’s global action to promote an enabling environment for freedom of expression in Arab countries funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, UNESCO’s Office in Rabat publishes the second edition of its newsletter in French “Femmes et médias au Maghreb” (Women and Media in the Maghreb).

This activity is part of UNESCO’s overall strategy to raise awareness of all media and to increase their capacities to advance gender equality through their productions.

The newsletter is published every trimester by UNESCO’s Office in Rabat. It seeks to be an advocacy tool by encouraging research on the role of media as an actor in spreading gender equality culture.

Since the last 25 years economic, social and political situation of women in the Maghreb countries has consistently changed. However the media in the Maghreb remain steeped in the socially built inequalities and do not adequately reflect the realities of women in the societies. “Glass ceiling” is the major obstacle for women’s self-empowerment and the improvement of their representation in the media. Women’s image remains stereotyped and their points of view are often neglected.

UNESCO invites all media professionals, researchers, teachers and gender advocates to send their contributions to the newsletter to UNESCO’s Office in Rabat.