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UNESCO publications now freely available through a new Open Access Repository

UNESCO has launched its Open Access Repository (OAR) making more than 300 on-line books, reports, and articles freely available. The OAR will operate under a new open licensing system developed by the Creative Commons organization specifically for intergovernmental agencies.

“The new licensing tool, developed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the UN family, makes a wealth of knowledge available to people all over the world; knowledge that can be used and reused,” said Ian Denison, Chief of UNESCO’s Publishing and Branding Section.

The launch follows UNESCO’s decision in April to become the first United Nations agency to adopt an Open Access policy for its publications. The Organization is thus making its digital publications available without cost to millions of people around the world. This change should lead to a significant increase in the circulation of UNESCO’s publications and help raise public awareness of the Organization and its work.

Currently, the Repository contains works in some 12 languages, including major UNESCO reports and key research publications. As well as the 300 Open Access publications, UNESCO will provide on-line availability to hundreds of other important reports and titles.  Covering a wide range of topics from all regions of the world, this knowledge can now be shared by the general public, professionals, researchers, students and policy-makers.  All new publications will be freely available under an open license.

By championing Open Access for its publications, UNESCO reinforces a fundamental goal of an Intergovernmental Organization - to ensure that all the knowledge it creates is made available to the widest possible audience. From now onwards, each new publication produced by the Organization will be released with one of the intergovernmental Creative Commons licenses and be integrated into the Repository.

UNESCO will continue to enrich its database with selected past publications and all new works.



                   Ian Denison, Chief of UNESCO Publishing, i.denison(at)

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                                    Roni Amelan, UNESCO Press Service

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