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UNESCO presents Volume 1 of "Different Aspects of Islamic Culture"

The Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, today took part in a special event to launch the publication The Foundations of Islam, the first volume in the collection The Different Aspects of Islamic Culture.

The  800-page publication Foundations of Islam, is actually the 5th volume of the collection to be published. It examines the fundamental concepts that have inspired Muslims: the role of worship in Muslim life; the Muslim approach to God; the Islamic view of man as a composite of divine and earthly elements; the meaning and significance of revelation and prophet-hood in Islamic tradition as well as the two texts that contain the teachings of Islam—the Koran and the Sunna—along with the continual process of their interpretation.

Addressing the event, Ms Bokova expressed the hope “that that the body of knowledge in these volumes will open the way for a more enlightened understanding of Islam,” to “combat stereotypes, islamophobia, disinformation and the false accusations that are heard too often about Islam,” added the Director-General.

The work is produced by an International Scientific Committee headed by Dr Idris El-Hareir, Professor of History at the University of Benghazi (Libya).

The sixth and final volume in the Different Aspects of Islamic Culture collection is to be published in about one year, finalizing an ambitious scholarly project whose first work appeared in 1998. It is one of several general and regional history collections to be published by UNESCO, including : the History of HumanityGeneral History of AfricaHistory of Civilizations of Central AsiaGeneral History of Latin America; and General History of the Caribbean.