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UNESCO partners events worldwide promoting education about the Holocaust and other genocides

UNESCO and the Shoah Memorial are jointly organizing a seminar for managers of the education ministries of Cameroun, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The seminar, organized by the UNESCO office in Yaoundé and ministries in charge of education in Cameroun, will take place on 21 and 22 October 2015 and will focus on designing training programmes for teachers to ensure that the complex and sensitive subjects of the Holocaust and other genocides are more and better taught in the classrooms of their country.

The seminar will include education about the history of genocides, in particular that of the Jewish people during the Second World War and the Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994.

This initiative forms part of a series of actions taken by UNESCO and the Shoah Memorial with senior representatives of education ministries in the Africa region and elsewhere. It is part of UNESCO's programme to promote education about the Holocaust and other genocides, as a vital tool for human rights and the culture of peace.

The Genocide Memorial in Kigali will, for the first time, participate in an event organized by UNESCO on this issue.

Earlier this month a training seminar organized by UNESCO and Yad Vashem, Israel’s national authority for Holocaust remembrance, was held in Jerusalem for officials of ministries of education involved with the UNESCO Latin American Network for Education about the Holocaust and other genocides.

The seminar, held from 11 to 15 October, involved education officials in charge of curricula and capacity-development from Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador.

UNESCO accompanies these Member States in disseminating further education about the history of mass atrocities as part of national efforts to foster education systems based on peace and human rights.

The seminar reinforced national initiatives in the field, and ensured better follow up thanks to the expertise provided by Yad Vashem in the Latin America region.

From 26 September to 2 October the Levine Institute for Holocaust Education at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and UNESCO held a Conference for International Holocaust Education (video) in Washington, DC.

The event gathered education managers from Chile, Hungary, India, the Republic of Korea, Lithuania, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Rwanda and Turkey who discussed the cultural challenges facing them when teaching about the Holocaust. In turn museum educators and internationally renowned experts shared curriculum and specialised resources to help them develop sustainable educational programmes in their own countries.