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UNESCO mourns the loss of past IFAP Chairman, Karol Jakubowicz

Following a period of illness, Mr Karol Jakubowicz, former Chairman of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Information for All Programme (IFAP), passed away on Sunday 28 April 2013 at hospital in his city of Warsaw.

From 2008 to 2010 Mr Jakubowicz served as Chairperson of IFAP. He contributed freely of his time, energy and intellect to nurture IFAP’s growth. This in turn led to the forming of international partnerships that advanced work in the IFAP Priority Areas, the holding of capacity building events especially in developing and transition regions, and the creation of tools and resources for building, reviewing and implementing national information policies. It was also under his watchful guidance that the current IFAP Strategic Plan was crafted.

An internationally recognized expert, he brought to IFAP experience gained from years of distinguished service in many national and international positions. These included, amongst others, his roles as Director of Strategy and Analysis at the Polish broadcasting regulatory authority, and as Chairman of the Steering Committee on Media and New Communication Services at the Council of Europe.

Mr Jakubowicz leaves to mourn his family. He will be greatly missed by the communities of information and communication professionals at UNESCO and other institutions where he served, by policy makers and countless others who benefitted from his professional insights, speaking appearances, you-tube videos and writings. Mr Jakubowicz’s contribution and impact on the information policy space will live on.

The intergovernmental Information for All Programme was established in 2001 to provide a platform for international policy discussions and guidelines for action in the area of access to information and knowledge and for the participation of all in the knowledge societies.

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