UNESCO launches new Reform & Innovation interactive tools

19 September 2016

UNESCO launches a set of new tools to better inform Member States and the general public about the Organization’s Reform and Innovation initiatives.

For the last years, UNESCO has been leading major transformation, to better serve Member States, to strengthen delivery, and to adapt to the needs of a changing environment. This web page was conceived to facilitate information-sharing about all major actions taken to modernize the Organization, on three main axes: innovating programmes, changing working methods, and leading in the United Nations Systems.

The spirit that gave birth to UNESCO has not aged a day, but UNESCO has to constantly renew itself to strengthen its action in a changing environment. Conflicts are changing shape with violent extremism on the rise, destroying monuments and individuals on religious and cultural grounds – in a form of “cultural cleansing”. Basic human rights have been flaunted - journalists are killed for standing up for freedom of expression. Education is under attack and children, especially girls, forced out of learning. Climate change and loss of biodiversity are accelerating, calling for stronger and better scientific research. All this calls for more “soft power” and more investment in the potential of education, culture, the sciences, information and education to equip men and women with the tools they need.

The Organization has reviewed its structure and programmes, sharpening focus, building new partnerships, crafting innovative funding and implementation mechanisms. In many areas, these efforts are unprecedented.

“This reform is bearing fruit – it helped us overcome unprecedented challenges and it is our roadmap to take forward the 2030 Agenda. This is a reform to perform, and it is here to stay, we have still a lot to do and we will continue.” said the Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova, in a video message to Member States and UNESCO staff.

The New “reform navigator” is an interactive and dynamic tool which enables visitors to scroll and click and learn more about how UNESCO is transforming. A new search bar, as well as an interactive timeline will also be added to the page, which is conceived as a space for everyone interested to come and share ideas to build a stronger and better UNESCO.