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UNESCO launch infographic contest on the issue of impunity for crimes against journalists

In concurrence with the first International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists (IDEI) on 2 November 2014, UNESCO and, the online graphic community website, have teamed up to raise awareness on this grim and far-reaching issue through an infographic design contest.

The main goals of this contest is to raise awareness of the issues of impunity for crimes against journalists as well as to create visually creative and educational material which can be shared through social media networks.

Journalists and media workers face dangerous challenges every day and pay a heavy toll in the pursuit of their profession: one journalist loses his/her life per week on average. According to the new UNESCO Director-General’s report on the Safety of Journalists and the Danger of Impunity, nine out of ten cases of the killing of journalists and media workers remain unsolved.

When the attacks on journalists are not investigated and the perpetrators not brought to justice, a climate of impunity sets in. Over time, the chilling consequence of impunity will have a drastic negative effect on freedom of expression and the health of rule of law in a democratic society. Together with its international partners, UNESCO is at the forefront in promoting safety of journalists and ending impunity as well as condemning every killing of a media professional in the line of duty.

The winner of the infographic contest will receive USD 2000.00 and have his or her winning design featured on UNESCO’s website. Please visit’s webpage for more contest information. Applications are due by Friday 17 October 2014.