UNESCO joins initiative for rural women

9 July, 2015 - Baghdad: UNESCO will join UN Women, UNFPA and FAO in a project with the Ministry of Women Affairs to foster the socio-economic status of girls and women in rural areas in Iraq. UNESCO’s special focus will be on helping them enhance their literacy skills.

UNESCO will work jointly with partner UN organization and the relevant ministries of the government including the Ministries of Women’s Affairs, Agriculture, Education, and Health as well as with partners from civil society and women NGOs to address the needs of the most vulnerable women and girls in marginalized rural communities, including those who are internally displaced or heads of households.

The UN organizations will jointly provide rural women in selected governorates with a wide range of services such as educational opportunities, leadership skills training, vocational training, legal services, psycho-social support and awareness raising about their rights and reproductive health, among others. A network of ‘Rural Women Volunteers’ is planned to be established that will help mobilize the communities  to alert girls  and women on their rights and on issues related to reproductive health and gender-based violence. 

The project is in line with the National Development Plan 2014-2017 and the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF).