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UNESCO invites all civil society groups in Morocco to promote freedom of information

The Right to Know Day is celebrated worldwide by civil society advocates on 28 September to highlight the importance of access to information as a fundamental human right and an integral part of the right of freedom of expression.

On this occasion, UNESCO partnered with the Moroccan Network of civil society organizations for access to information (REMDI) to foster increased knowledge of this right among the general public and in particular the young people in Morocco.

Entitled « Mobilizing art for access to information » this year’s celebration provided space for expression in all its forms including painting, music, rap, theater and quiz in order to illustrate and disseminate the principles and the ways to exercise the right to know in Morocco. UNESCO’s Office in Rabat launched on this occasion a promotional video on freedom of information which will be used as part of a large campaign in Morocco.

The celebration also provided an opportunity to the REMDI to recall the Moroccan authorities on the provisions of Article 27 of the Constitution that guarantees the right to access to information to all citizens and the need to promulgate a law that meets this spirit. In a declaration the civil society groups gave a first analysis of the draft law 31.13 published on the website of the Government in July 2014.

The organization of this activity is made possible thanks to the support of the government of Finland.

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